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Avoiding foreclosure is best when it’s done well ahead of time. However, some home owners find themselves a few weeks from the trustee sale and realize they will lose the home if they don’t take action. We help stop foreclosures in El Paso. Learn How To Stop Foreclosure

How can we stop a foreclosure?

We buy houses in El Paso, TX. We follow a simple cash for houses model that works well. So we help home owners exactly like you, in all sorts of stages in the pre-foreclosure process. We can help you steer clear of the stress created by your property at risk. Let us buy your El Paso house now, irrespective of condition before it’s lost. Call for a free consultation and a free cash offer to buy your home.

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avoid foreclosure el pasoWorking with us will be fast and easy. The MLS is a great option where there is plenty of time (months) so that you can find a buyer, pass inspections, and have your buyers go though the financing and funding process. That can happen too slow where you lose your house. Retail purchasers will usually pay closer to retail value than us, but can be difficult, there is certainly emotion involved and real estate agents. Each of which have a big impact in the quickness and simplicity of a financial transaction. We have been expert cash house buyers in El Paso TX helping people avoid foreclosure by selling the home fast. We can easily see your property quickly and make a decision fast.

We can buy almost any pre-foreclosure property

1. Without or with renters, we will buy your house

2. Close with your timetable, inform us when you want to close and we tends to make it happen

3. There will be No Fees, No Realtor so that means No Commissions, Our offer pays off your current note and you can usually walk away with thousands of dollars (depending on your equity position and other factors)

4. Sell to us as is, no need for cleaning or repairs, no need to rent a storage – just take what you want and leave the stuff you consider trash, then we take care of the rest

5. Very Private! No open houses, no need for explanations on why you’re in foreclosure , no hassles just a simple inspection and we’re done.

(915) 600-7782

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